DHS screens a MacBook Air

20.03.2008 – 23:31

Michael Nygard baffled the TSA with his MacBook Air/SSD, which apparently looks more like a “device” than a portable computer, which was enough to let him miss his flight.

Fortunately, the DHS/TSA knows that being as secretive as they are is not good for the reputation, so they started a blog to deceive the public make things a little bit more transparent.

How transparent can be seen in a new post, in which Bob, apparently working in the DHS PR department, screens the MacBook Air. His findings are delusive interesting:

“The MacBook does look completely different than your typical laptop or DVD player. I can’t get into specifics of course, but there were a couple of areas on the X-ray that could pique some interest for TSOs.”

So, “he can’t get into specifics of course” - apparently they even declare x-ray images of consumer hardware as a state secret sensitive security information (SSI).

I can’t even begin to explain my disgust with this type of politics.

Information needs to be free!

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